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the other Martin Taylor - image created by PJ TaylorThere are several Martin Taylors out there, the most famous of whom is a great, Scottish Jazz guitarist. However, even he cannot claim soul ownership of the Martin Taylor moniker.  

Martin Taylor is also a ex-Microsoft, marketing exec, two different football players, a British mathematician, and a former Barclays chief exec. All illustrious members of society, however, if you have googled in here looking for any of these Martin Taylors, I'm sorry, but you are in the wrong place - why don't you hit <back> a couple of times and try again?

Who is the other Martin Taylor?

This Martin Taylor is 'the other Martin Taylor':

  • Born in Blackburn, Lancashire at the tail end of the sixties
  • Went to school at Ripley St. Thomas, Lancaster
  • Got his degree in English literature at Ripon, N.Yorks. in '91
  • Since '94 this Martin Taylor has been a professional geek for the world's second largest software developer
  • Unintentionally emigrated to California in '95
  • Works at the Northern tip of Silicon Valley
  • Lives in an especially foggy part of San Francisco
  • Married Patti on New Year's Eve 1999 (his tax accountant thought this romantic, but fiscally foolish)
  • Bought their first home in 2000

This Martin Taylor played bass in various bar/pub bands in the UK with inane names like The Pontardawe Folk Club, Jungle Ted and the Lacy Button Poppers and Worlds Apart. If you were unfortunate enough to have seen any of these bands live, this Martin Taylor takes this opportunity to apologize.

This Martin Taylor hardly ever refers refers to himself in the third person but figured it would be OK just this once

What is this all about?

This site is a basic portal to the other Martin Taylor's on line projects and presence. Apart from Flickr, this Martin Taylor is not much into on line social networks but he does have a Friends Reunited profile for old school and university contacts and a facebook account for everyone else.